Richfield Business Park

Property Address: 
2450 S. 600 W.
Richfield, UT 84701
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Property Description: 
With fast, easy access to I-70 and I-15, Richfield’s business park offers a great location for any organization. With all utilities in place, each parcel is ready for building. The City Council has zoned for commercial uses including warehouse and distribution facilities. With zoning already in place, a company can move in quickly and barrier free. In addition, Richfield City has working relationships with major construction firms that can provide full-service needs. The business park has 150 acres available with customizable parcel sizes to fit your needs. The land costs range from $15,000–$50,000 per acre.The City is willing to negotiate favorable land prices as an incentive.Leasing options are available. The Park is located 1 mile from Richfield’s municipal airport, and 165 miles from Salt Lake International Airport.It offers immediate access to I-70 and fast access to I-15 (45 miles Northbound, 35 miles Southbound). It also offers completed utilities through Phase I
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Local Economic Development Contact: 
Malcolm Nash
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Matt Creamer
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Richfield City